Developers Inch Closer To Building $28 Million Hotel and Conference Center

i Jul 26th 2016

By Matt Petrillo,  WNEP-TV

WILKES-BARRE — The old “Place One at the Hollywood” in Wilkes-Barre is the second of two properties that need to be bought by developers, who are planning to build a $28 million hotel and conference center.

“It’s basically a done deal,” said Michaelene Coffee, who owns it.

The property owner plans to sell and even moved her shop to Scranton earlier this year.

The developers recently bought the former Frank Clark Jeweler building next door, a property they also need for the project.

“The mixed-use building like they’ve proposed, it’ll be wonderful. It’ll give new retail space to the downtown. The hotel is something that is always useful to getting more people downtown,” Coffee said.

There is no timetable on when the sale would be final, but officials believe there is a need for the proposed hotel and conference center.

Right now, the only similar facility in the downtown is Genetti’s. The new center, though, is planned to be much bigger.

“There’s some conventions and specific meetings that will only use downtown properties and unfortunately, we’ve never had enough accommodations in the downtown,” said Donna Keys of the Luzerne County Convention and Visitors Bureau.