Wilkes-Barre Walkitecture: New push to get people on the move

i Apr 13th 2021

By Chelsea Strub, WNEP-TV

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. — The buds are blooming all over downtown Wilkes-Barre and some signs are making their debut too-signs for the Wilkes-Barre ‘Walkitecture.’

It’s a new walking route that gives you a special look behind many of these blossoms.

“Wilkes-Barre ‘Walkitecture’ is a program for physical activity and what better activity is physical activity during the pandemic, or when you get outside enjoy the fresh air and get some exercise in,” said Wilkes-Barre Health Department Director Henry Radulski.

But it’s more than just a walking route, when paired with the free smartphone app that goes with it, it becomes an immersive experience in history.

It’s all made possible by a grant from the PA Department of Health.

“We incorporated the rich tradition of the history of Wilkes-Barre and the architecture in Wilkes-Barre, so actually it’s a 2.2 mile course, whereby you can go whenever you want. You just go on an app that we have, you follow different sites there are 23 different sites on there,” explained Radulski.

On the app, it gives you a history of the location and a look at what it looked like decades ago.

“So it’s a physical activity, history and tradition,” added Radulski.

Much of the route takes you by Wilkes University and students there tell Newswatch 16 a lot of the beauty seen along this tour is part of the reason they chose to come here in the first place.

“It’s gorgeous,” said Wilkes freshman Kathrine Ermeus. “One thing that I did love when I came to Wilkes was definitely the mansions and the scenery, it’s just it’s such a beautiful area there’s a lot of things to love about Wilkes University.”

Katherine Ermeus says she goes for walks with her friends around campus, this will only add to it.

“Yeah, I think, in light of, you know, post pandemic, it’s very important that people start getting back outside of course, following the guidelines that are put out for us but making sure that everyone’s still, you know, remaining healthy and doing what they can to get outside and get some fresh air,” said Ermeus.

If you would like to download the free app and learn a few things while you walk around downtown, you can find out how here.